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About Asbestos

The federal government has initiated a series of programs that has caused the removal of asbestos containing materials from schools and other public buildings. The reason for these actions is that asbestos causes cancer.

What is Asbestos?
Asbestos is a term for a group of natural mineral fibers. Asbestos fibers have been used exclusively due to their indestructible, non-combustible and good thermal properties.

What is the danger?
Asbestos fibers cannot be easily destroyed. The size and shape of these fibers permit them to be airborne for long periods of time. The fibers that are released from asbestos containing materials enter the air and contaminate the building environment. When the fibers are inhaled, most will not remain in the lungs, but those that do can stay indefinitely.

Is there a safe level of exposure?
The EPA believes that any exposure to asbestos involves a health risk.

How was asbestos used in homes?
Asbestos has been in plaster, cement, vinyl floor tiles, and thermal insulation. Hard asbestos containing material, such as vinyl floor tile and plaster, do not generally create exposure problems as the fibers are firmly encased in the material (abrading or crushing will cause fiber release.)

What do I look for?
Soft (Friable) forms of insulation used mainly around pipes, boilers, or furnaces. The potential for release, contamination, and exposure depends on the condition of asbestos containing materials (such as deterioration from age) or the necessity of their removal for mechanical system repairs.

What do I do about it?
Removal or encapsulation should be done by trained and licensed asbestos abatement contractors. Residential Asbestos Removal has specialized in abatement since 1986 and follows all EPA, ODH and OSHA rules. We will SAFELY remove or encapsulate.


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